March 16, 2015

picnic before baby!

on sunday we went for a little picnic at the park. 
we've been soaking in all the time alone as we can before little guy arrives because we all know he ain't going out of my sight tell he's at least 25. 
i don't think we will mind a little sidekick on all our little adventures though. 
 we packed a lunch and went and enjoyed the fresh air and went for a walk too. 
it was a lovely sunday indeed. 
we relaxed on the grass and we were closing our eyes, so i said lets take a picture and on the count of 3 open your eyes. the sun was so bright this is our reaction. (eeek too bright!) 
 we laughed for a good minute at ourselves. 
hubby love you and thanks for being the best husband i could ever have! 

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