March 3, 2015

baby shower #2!

baby shower #2 was thrown by my family. 
it turned out so well and baby and i are so spoiled and lucky to have everyone in our lives! 
he definitely got spoiled that day. thank you to everyone who came. 
this was when i was 34 weeks prego. baby showers are so fun. best little parties ever.  
^^my mom is so talented. she has done SO much for this little guy. she made him so many blankets, a quilt, bibs and rags. thank you mom i have no doubt he will just adore his grandma!^^
^^little Amelia showing her tummy. she's the sweetest and always touches my tummy. she will be such a good older cousin!^^
^^little baby shorts.... ahhh COME ON! :)^^
^^i'll be posting a picture of this quilt soon but it turned out so perfect. i LOVE it!^^
^^naisbitt aunts!^^
^^karter k you are to cute for your own darn good!^^
^^my cousin becky is due a week or so after me with a baby boy!^^ 
thank you again to everyone. it was such a fun and perfect day! 
baby shower #1 found HERE

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