March 5, 2015

baby shower #3!

my last baby shower was thrown by my two good friends jessica and lindsay. 
it was a ward baby shower. they invited all the ladies in our ward and it was such a good turn out. 
i'm thankful for such good friends. brandon and i have been in primary since we moved into our ward and i never really felt like i had friends in the ward. We recently just got out of primary and i was a little nervous no one would come to this shower since i didn't feel that close to anyone and it was such a good turn out. thank you thank you to everyone who came. you made me and my little baby feel so special. we love you!  our ward is pretty awesome. 
and thank you jessica and lindsay for throwing such a cute and fun shower, all your little details were darling. totally a pinterest shower that's for sure. :) 
^^this was when i was 36 weeks prego!^^ 
^^everyone who came got a rootbeer! so CUTE!^^
^^i mean the food was so yummy and decorated soooo cute!^^
thank you again to everyone who came. i love our ward and i feel so thankful for all of you! 
jessica and lindsay thank you for being such wonderful friends. 
you both are the best. 
baby shower #1 found HERE 
baby shower #2 found HERE 

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