March 15, 2015

39 weeks!!!

that's how i feel right now about all this. 
mix emotions. so happy. so ready. so nervous. so excited. so scared.
how far along are you? 39 weeks and 3 days! 
gender? baby boy! 
maternity clothes? i'm lucky and only bought one pair of pants. everything else i've managed in! 
how big is baby? according to the app it says he should be around (19-22in, 7lbs) and around the size of a watermelon! wonder how accurate that is! 
weight gain? i gained 2 pounds in a week. i'm not sure my exact number now but somewhere around 25-30 pounds total! 
sleep? oh sleep. i love it and need it. i wake up every 20 minutes it seems but its not bad. 
movement? oh yes. he has no more room! 
labor signs? nothing. we have walked, ate pineapple, ate some spicy food, walked some more. and nothing. he clearly isn't ready to come out yet! teaching mama patience. 
best moment this week? almost reaching the finish line. i get to be a mom soon! 
some happy moments? anytime i see my niece amelia she touches my tummy. it really is so sweet. and he wasn't born on her birthday! yeppie cousins don't have to share the same day! oh and bags are packed and i have got everything off my before baby comes to do list done! whaaooooo!! 
what am i looking forward too? HOLDING MY BABY! 
hopefully this is my last bump update blog post.... but who knows i just might go to 41 weeks! 
(pray not! ha ha) 

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