February 2, 2015

it's a baby!

song: baby by justin bieber 
this was such a special night for me and brandon. 
it was the night i found out i was going to be a mama and him a dad. i was over the moon excited and also extremely overwhelmed and nervous! this was clear back on july 15 2014. we waited quite some time to take a test because we thought there was no way it could have happened that fast. we just kept putting it off. i don't know the reason why its time for our little family to start but
 boy am i happy and thankful about it. 
without telling brandon i went to the store and bought the test. i remember at the store hiding it because i was scared i would run into someone i know. ha ha when i got home i was so scared to actually take the test. when i started opening it up i was shaking so bad (which i never do) and i flung it right in the toilet. after that happened i realized i needed to breathe and shut the toilet so that wouldn't happen again ha ha i did the test and left it on the counter and waited what seemed like an eternity and walked in and looked and it was the double lines. this is where i went into shock. i wanted to take another test to make sure so i went back to the store and bought more. sure enough all positive. man oh man was i so happy. 
finally brandon got home that night after studying around 10pm and i decided really quick on how to share the news with him. so i put it up on the bathroom mirror. 
i filmed his reaction and it was perfect. 
we're so excited and thankful and blessed to become parents.
i'm so glad we have this little video to always remember that night and his reaction. 
baby we love you! 
can't wait to meet you baby! 


  1. HAHAH! This is so cute! I love your husbands reaction!

  2. Hilarious that you flung the first test in the toilet. So smart to get your husband's reaction on video!

  3. OK, that is the cutest video ever! So excited to see what baby looks like!


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