August 6, 2014

summer softball

this summer brandon was on a summer softball team and it was always a treat to go watch him. this partially day he had 2 games! he had one earlier that day and later at night. the first game my niece Amelia was there and she was a total goof. usually when i try and take a picture of her she either super cheesy or doesn't want her picture taken and at this game she was all about being a little model. (excuse the billion of pictures) #crazyaunt  
^^wait a second.... go brandon run run run!^^
^^this is brandons chapstick that she was loooooving. brandon wasn't playing one moment in the game and came over and Amelia said, "it yummy" hahhaha so pretty much she was just eating it.^^
^^she is one heck of a babe.^^
^^we got a little slushie but she didn't share much.^^
^^what summer is all about!^^
^^this was at the other game at night that my other 2 nieces came to! harper loving dixie the dog and sadie thinking that her mama has her binky! ha ha
love my nieces and summer softball.


  1. fun! My hubby plays softball too but your backdrop of the mountains are so much more pretty than down south. Do you shoot in manual on your camera? Great shots of your neice. What settings do you use? Always looking to grow more and more in my photography =] Best thing to do is ask others that love photography too =]

    1. hey heather! actually at this game i was just shooting in auto or either sports. so nothing to fancy. i have shot in manual and i need more practice with it, eeeek, ha ha thank you!


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