September 8, 2014

ogden temple open house!

hello little blog! 
on saturday we went to the ogden temple open house. it was such a beauty inside and out. i'm so thankful i got to go with my family. it was such a treat. we went on the last day it was doing it and my goodness it was soooo packed but it was still very special. 
right before you tour the temple they show you a little movie clip and it showed a clip of the salt lake temple and little niece Amelia yelled "CAS!" ha ha it was soooo cute.
 castle in her eyes and my eyes too. 
^^thanks for coming down cousin!^^
thanks for being such a treat temple! 
can't wait for you to be open! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh the Ogden temple is sooo beautiful on the inside! One of my favorites by far. I am so excited for the dedication in a couple weeks.


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