August 19, 2014

dear husband

(just to clarify this is when we were taking our engagements and fiance at the time was making me laugh. this photo makes me laugh. he is the silliest.) 
dear husband. thank you so much for having the entire house cleaned for me. it wasn't just straightened up it was a good deep clean. vacuumed, laundry put away and even vacuumed the stairs. which we all know is never fun and much more. thank you. 
also, if anyone knows me they know i LOVE taylor swift to the max and yesterday she released a new single. I had to work late yesterday and he was so thoughtful to have that song waiting to be played when i walked in and bonus he had made chocolate milk and strawberry milk 
and he let me pick which one i wanted. 
i know cleaning the house and making me milk doesn't seem big but he always goes out of his way to make my life easy and happy. 
hubby thank you so much for doing all those things. 
it was so nice to come home to a super clean house. 
i love you. 
and ps. thanks for vacuuming the rug where i spelled laundry soap on. ha 

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