August 18, 2014

downata hot springs 14

at the end of july my family and i went to downata hot springs. we go there every year, my family has been going for over 25+ years! soooo we act like we own the place. its always a treat to go and spend time with my cousins and aunts by swimming together, volleyball, eating shakes and the best part eating all the yummy food we have. i'm thankful for a great family who is so close! 
^^every night we went up to there little diner and had shakes. my goodness they were good. 
i got chocolate marshmallow each night and honestly it didn't disappoint. the last night we were at downata we were a little hungry so we order fries and let me just say. BEST FRIES EVER. i still day dream about them.... ha ha so pathetic but so not.^^
^^see how yummy it looks it!^^
last but not least a picture with my favorite clan. all my siblings besides jessie and kevin! 
love them all so much! 


  1. Wow that shake looks freakin' delish! And I am going to have to google this place because I have never heard of it before! Looks so fun.

    1. its in the middle of no where in idaho! super fun for the winter too! heated pools!

  2. Hi Jennie! I LOVE following your blog and actually worked with Brandon at Wells Fargo in Logan for a semester! He's a really great guy! Just curious, what type of camera do you use? I am dying to get one but have heard of so many different models and I love the way your photos turn out. Thanks!

    1. thank you dear!!! brandon says hi!! thank you. i have the canon t3i camera and i LOVE it. sooo good.


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