August 11, 2014

baby mason. baby karter.

see these two handsome boys. they're my nephews and i'm head over heels in love. 
so darling. mason (sisters baby) is on the left and karter (brothers baby) is on the right. 
they're only a week apart and i hope they grow up to be the best of friends. 
mason was born first and he was born in Boise, Idaho! 
i wasn't able to see him in the hospital so after they got out my mother and i drove to boise to see that baby! he is perfect in every way. 
he has tan skin and dark hair. he is handsome and has the prettiest eyes. 
^^my little love mason. he is beyond perfect and love him so much!^^
this is karter naisbitt (my brothers baby) he was born a week later after mason. 
i remember getting the phone call saying my sister in law shawnee was going into labor and i was so happy. 
you should ask brandon i wouldn't stop talking about it. this little guy is the first naisbitt boy and let me just say he looks like his daddy and a naisbitt. he is darling and i love him beyond words. 
^^i love this photo. all of us in awe over baby karter.^^
^^their is something about watching your siblings come parents and it makes my heart happy.^^
baby karter has my heart and so does that little nose. 
^^karters little grin.^^
^^masons little grin... eekkk. so cute.^^
^^when they wrapped their little arms together i thought i was going to die. so cute.^^
^^little Amelia can't forget about her!^^
my little two favorite boys in the world. 
they have my heart and i hope they know how much aunt jennie loves them.
(baby mason on left/ baby karter on right) 


  1. I want to see them! They both look so cute!

  2. Both super cute! The close up of the hand.. the detail of the wrinkles is perfect! :0

  3. do you watch pretty little liars? haha you look like melissa from that show (this is a compliment, she is gorgeous) also THOSE BABIES. i want twins so badly. i love their hair! they have so much!
    the little diary

    1. oh my lanta! I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. sooo good.
      and yes that is a compliment she is stunning.
      thank you sweet dear,


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