August 2, 2014

east canyon!

summer is in full swing over here. camping trips, babies being born, family in town, etc etc. 
its nuts. you know you're busy when you miss your bed and miss cooking your own meals. ha ha 
anywaaaaays. 2 or 3 weekends ago we went to east canyon for brandons grandmas birthday! 
it was my first time going there and it was a good time. we had cupcakes, yummy food, swimming and exploring. thanks for inviting us grandma kay! 
^^helping my niece harper!^^
^^hahahhaha not sure if she liked it!^^
^^we went for a walk and brandon wanted me to take a picture of the condos because he says he has stayed in almost every single of one of these!^^
^^brandon's mama kamie!^^
such a good time at east canyon!

1 comment:

  1. How much fun! I love east canyon. I have stayed there before and it is so beautiful!


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