August 8, 2013

Downata Hot Springs

See that green twirly slide in the left of the photo? I almost killed my own grandmother on that slide! Before any judgement here... this is what happened. I asked everyone if they wanted to go down the slide and everyone said no, so finally I asked my grandma and thinking she would say no she actually said yes. When we got to the top she said you're going to catch me right?? UH WHAT. Apparently my grandma can't swim without noodles or something to hold her up. I went down and then I thought you really might need a noodle so I grabbed one from my grandpa and literally my grandma came flying out of the tube and started drowning practically. Lets just say I wasn't the only one who tried to save her. 
I guess that slide with my grandma will never be happening again.
^^one of the best feelings ever^^

                                                              ^^isn't she the cutest?^^
Every year is soo fun at Downata Hot Springs. I love that the whole family goes and we swim all day, play in the sand, volleyball at nights, and one of my favorites their shakes they have there. YUM. 
Bet you can't guess which one is the husbands and which one was mine?? I love Downata and even loved in more to have a little swimming buddy with me.

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