September 12, 2016

a photography class!

in july i took a 3 day photography class from the amazing jessica haderlie
you guys. it was amazing. like over the moon amazing. 
i really wish i could put into words how thankful i am i did the class! 
i had already done a photography class in feb of 2015 and it didn't even compare to jessica's! 
having a 3 day class was great! 
that way we weren't shoving everything into one day. 
jessica's class went over shooting in manual, understand exposure and lighting, 
editing and how to organize your photos and so much more! 
every time i left the class i felt so inspired. 
jessica is one of those people who i adore. i think highly of her and i'm so grateful i know her! 
she really is such a doll! 
you guys if you ever wanted to learn to use your camera in manual this class if for YOU. 
trust me you won't be disappointed. 
thank you so much jessica for everything! 

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