August 31, 2016

Bear Lake!

hello hello! 
well shoot. august is over and it's going to be fall and summer is practically gone and we actually went to bear lake 3 weeks ago.... what what!! 
the last week i have been spending any chance of time i got to organize all my photos and putting them on an external hard drive. 
like from dating days to our life now. there was over 15 thousand pictures. 
it was overwhelming and i'm so glad it's done! 
anyways, here is our trip to bear lake! it was beautiful. 
photos below!
^^we went to bloomington lake one afternoon and that place was beautiful!^^
^^grandpa's boy!^^
^^this kid is funny. sometimes he won't even go into his little pool in our backyard but he will go play in this freezing lake water... i was shocked!^^
^^this picture is too good. hahahah andrew's face kills me and no i was not going to dunk him i was just throwing some water on him to rinse him off!^^
^^this little fella sure does love his daddy!^^
^^this was at the first day at camp when uncle lane was setting up his tent and andrew came over and started helping. IT WAS SO FLIPPING CUTE!^^
^^hubby and i got to hike minnetonka cave while andrew was napping one day and it was so cool. 
i have never hiked a cave before so i was really impressed!^^
^^these two cute boys were so cute together all week. just being little boys!^^
^^uncle luke pushing us out!^^
^^andrew liked the paddle board so that was super fun taking him around on it!^^
^^incase anyone is wondering i have the cutest dad!^^
^^these two were so cute! little cousins hugging... i mean i can't handle it!^^
^^just to clarify andrew does not have dirt on his nose. it's a scab. poor little fella fell at camping!^^
^^my dad rented these jet ski's for all day and it was a BLAST. 
thanks so much dad!^^
^^so. much. cuteness.^^
^^lifeguard on duty!^^
^^loved dumping sand all over his legs!^^
^^this picture just makes my heart go all mushy. look at that little boy... and those cheeks!^^
toward the end of the day he was all about playing in the water and the sand. 
watching him be happy is my happy! 
until next time bear lake! 

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