September 26, 2016

fall time is here!

this weekend we went up to snow basin to see the fall leaves! 
YOU GUYS. if you haven't yet, get in your car and go for a drive and see them! 
it was so darn beautiful! 
couple of days before we went up, it snowed so the bottom of mountain was fall 
and the top was winter.  it was breathtaking. 
we spent a couple hours up there and i love how much we love mountains. 
andrew was right at home i tell ya!
^^i kept telling brandon my favorite was the pops of red and orange!^^ 
^^those blue eyes..... like what!^^
^^it was so foggy up top!^^
^^and this is why daddy is the fun one!^^
^^he would just start walking and go exploring. he loves the outdoors!^^
^^we rode the gondala and it was so worth it! this was right when we started going up and andrew wasn't so sure with what was happening! ha^^
^^and then he got comfortable and was all about it!^^
^^it was so pretty riding it! you could see for miles and got an extra good view of the colors!^^
^^just talking away!^^
^^this was up top. it was freezing! there was about a foot of snow and we saw people snowboarding and skiing. i will say that snow got me really excited for christmas ha!^^
^^baby in a winter coat... nothing cuter i tell ya!^^
^^I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANDREW. and red nose from being up in the cold!^^
^^back down at the bottom again... guys these colors are just beautiful!^^
^^snow basin has the awesome playground!^^
it was such a good weekend up in the fall mountains. 
i can't believe how beautiful it was up there. 
go go go and see the leaves before they're gone. 
trust me it's worth it! 

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  1. I love the one of Brandon throwing him.. Its sooo cute and the clouds look awesome and they are so clear!! LOVE IT!


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