September 29, 2016

andrew at 18 months!

this guy turned a year and half.
my life has been changed for the better because of him. 
18 months with you andrew and i love it!! 
he just had his doctors apt so i wanted to write down his stats. 
33 inches tall
23 pounds and 5.0 ounces
68% height, 36% weight and 97% head 
a couple things about you. 
-animal noises you can do are dogs, horses, ducky, fishy, lion, monkey, 
dinosaur, cow, bird and chicken
-loves to jump and walk backwards and spin in circles 
-you love to dance especially with daddy
-you can say what the tractor says and what daddy trucks says and what mater says, dada
and my favorite mama! 
-you love trucks, tractors and cars
-you also love to read books 
-you take one nap for about 2 hours on most days 
-loves to be cuddled to sleep 
-tucks his arms in when we carry him 
-if you poop you point to your lower tummy ha!
-loves the movie cars, planes and recently finding nemo
-you love your chocolate milk in the morning 
-copies mom with cleaning and doing dishes
-loves to climb up on tables and chairs 
-being outside is your favorite thing
-when you do something naughty you say no no no with your little finger pointing
-you have mastered running and throwing yourself on the ground when you throw a fit 
you do so much more and you make us happy and laugh everyday! 

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