September 9, 2016

a boy and his truck

a boy and his truck. 
andrew loves his dumptruck. he pushes it around every where. its the cutest. 
i'm not sure how his legs don't get tired but he can push and push that thing all around the yard.
here are some photos of him and his truck. 
goodness, he has my heart.
^^i'm still in awe sometimes i have a little boy with blue eyes!^^
^^thinking he's funny over something! ha^^
^^his little nose that i probably kiss 800 times a day.^^
^^this picture cracks me up. it's his little serious face that i love oh so much.^^
^^bums up! ha ha one day he's going to be a lot bigger playing with this dumptruck so i want to remember all those little details. especially of his little bum up in the air!^^
^^please don't ever grow up andrew!^^
^^stop taking my pictures mom. ha^^
i love you little andrew and your love for trucks! 

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