February 22, 2016

valentines day 2015!

 valentines this year was a lovely one! 
i loved that it was on a sunday so i got to spend the whole day with my valentine and he didn't have school or work. it was the best! he was super sweet and got me a lovely red rose, a balloon ha, cupcakes and cookies...  he spoiled me! i tell him every year all i want is a little letter or card and of course he didn't let me down. even andrew scribbled in the card this year... 
i think he was saying happy valentines to the best mom! ha! 
we went to church and came home and watched footloose ha! so romantic right?! 
later on in the day we made a yummy cajun pasta and cheesecake. 
it was the perfect valentines day! 
i love you brandon grange! 
^^a simple red rose is so beautiful.^^
^^i grew up with a mother who would make red/pink pancakes on valentines so i have carried that tradition over to my little family. andrew loved them!^^
^^we LOVE cheesecake!^^
^^the best little valentine!^^
my two valentines. 
i'm so thankful to have these boys.
i love them with my whole heart! 
valentines last year found HERE 
valentines 2014 found HERE 
and a little little to my valentine in 2014 found HERE 


  1. hey send me your cajun recipe!!! :) P.S your so cute! I love the last picture!


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