February 3, 2016

sewing! sewing! sewing!

i have started to do something i never thought i'd do.... SEW!
my mother is the best at sewing and throughout my whole life i have never really cared to do it. 
i learned a little bit when i was around the age of 10 or so and i really didn't like it then. 
annnnnd now over 10 years later i'm asking my mother to teach me to sew. 
first sewing lesson was simple just sewing a straight line and now this second sewing lesson 
was an actual project. i decided to sew a valentines banner. 
my mother showed me how to cut the triangles out and then how to sew them together and also how to sew the rick rack on and bam i was doing the rest and was on my own!
i ain't going to lie i was so dang proud of myself for practically doing the whole thing! ha
can't wait to see if i'll continue to want to sew and have an interest in it or not.
hope i do! i wanna sew cute things for my house. sorry hubby ;)
photo of the finish project below! 
^^i really was so happy and proud. ask my mom.... i think i said it about 10 times! ha!^^
happy almost weekend and happy almost valentines!

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