February 16, 2015

valentines day 15'

brandon is a gem. 
this year we agreed that valentines day will be kept simple. 
i made him promise me and promise me over and over that he wouldn't go all out this year. i wanted to save money because you know we will be having a little one soon and we still need to get a few things. baby things are expensive! 
on valentines day i slept in and brandon woke up to take a 2 1/2 hour test. when i got up he was right in the middle of it and said i need to show you something he then rushed me to the kitchen and showed me the table. he wrote me such a sweet little letter that i'm going to keep forever and some yummy chocolates that I've already ate most of them. ha ha and the prettiest flowers plus a sparkling drink. when i saw it all he said "what i just had to do something! its small!"
 he was scared he was going to get in trouble. ha ha
 i don't know what i did to deserve you brandon grange but boy i'm so glad i did!  
^^roses are so simple but so beautiful!^^
^^making sugar cookies for valentines day!^^
^^that day my little nephew mason was getting sealed in the ogden temple. it was such a sweet moment. he's the cutest little thing. annnnd i can't believe the temple grounds had flowers in febuary!! what the what!^^
^^my brothers don't do bright sun very well. ha ha^^
^^the sweetest little family of 4!^^
^^i like to think this is mason waving at me. ha ha hi aunt jennie!^^
^^these 2 birth mothers are wonderful. i love them both so very much!^^
^^karter k naisbitt you have my heart!^^
^^i asked her if we could take a picture and she says yes but i sit right here. ha ha^^
^^valentines day night we order Chinese take out and watched some netflix. it was very relaxing and perfect alone time with my hubby!^^
I love you my valentine! i'm so happy that every year you will be my valentine and that next year i'll also have another little valentine in my life. 
i love you. 


  1. are you kidding me?! your outfit is to die for!


    1. thank you! the heart looked like a heart while i was standing but not so much sitting. #fatgirlproblems ha ha

  2. So so sweet! It's so nice he still did something for you. You must feel very loved.

    Also loving your top!

    1. he's the sweetest. thank you! i bought it a couple years ago for valentines day!

  3. How sweet of your hubby :) When I was almost engaged and it was Valentine's day, my best friend said something to me about how Russ was my "eternal valentine" which I thought was the cutest ever :) Thought of that when I read the last paragraph of your post :)


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