February 10, 2016

super bowl 2016!

super bowl sunday was a success!! 
if you only knew how happy that made my husband.... he loves the broncos. 
right when they won he honestly looked like he was about to cry happy tears. ha! it was cute.
i on the other hand don't really care about football.. i'm all about the super bowl food ha! 
it was a good day because my husband was happy, my belly was stuffed 
and i even got a little sewing lesson in during the game. win win and win! 
^^we made some cupcakes and frosted them blue and orange for the broncos and i think hubby was to excited that he even helped frost them! {heart eyed emoji here!}^^
^^while we were baking and frosting this is what little tornado was doing!^^
^^i can't help but look at these pictures and laugh... 
brandon super pumped and my brothers pretending to be as pumped. ha!^^
good job broncos! ha ha you made my husband one happy guy! 
ps. two years ago when broncos were in the super bowl i blogged about that too.. 
can be found HERE
pss. brandon, we look young ha! and the house...eek!. ha! 

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