February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines Day! 
I'm so happy today is here. I love holidays and I'm really quite fond of this one. Yesterday I had to run to the store and I was walking around and I saw a lady caring a sweater and it was darling but the second I saw it I thought that doesn't look big enough to be in my clothing section. So I went to my size section and it wasn't there so I knew it was in the little girls section so I walked over there to see it (because it really was that darling) and I found it and lucky for me I got the size XL in the little girls section. ha ha I was really surprised it fit me. Oh and bonus it was on sale for $5 bucks so I got the cutest valentine sweater to wear today. Made me happy and husband liked it. 
I also spent a good 2 hours yesterday baking valentine sugar cookies and decorating them and once brandon got home from school we went and gave them to our parents and siblings. It was fun to give a little homemade valentine love to the people we care about and because we couldn't have eaten all those cookies by ourselves ha ha 
Now onto my love for my sweet dear husband
I hope I show and tell him everyday how much I love him and appreciate him but I want to make sure I do more of it today because hello valentines day. I'm so glad we found each other and got married. Hands down best thing I have ever done. Brandon is beyond perfect for me. He knows how exactly to show his love for me in the way I need to feel it. He knows me so well. Most guys wouldn't do what brandon does for me and honey I really love you for that. Thank you for watching all my silly chick shows on TV and for never saying they are stupid. Thank you for texting me throughout the day and telling me you love me. Thank you for not ever getting mad when I say I just have to have this sweater. Thank you a million times for letting me ramble on about taylor swift. I know you don't care to watch the same music video of her again and again and I really appreciate you doing so anyway. 
Thank you for letting me go on about our kids even though we don't have any yet. And lets not forget about our dream house. Thank you for keeping me warm in the night and for making sure i'm always taken care of. It really is the sweetest of you. Oh and lets not forget thank you for putting up with me when i'm tired. muah. Thank you for loving my family and for making them your own. It means so much. Its such a good sight to see you getting along with my brothers and for being so sweet to ameila. 
I love you husband and I love everything you do even though sometimes I don't seem like I do.
 Love you more than a million red Swedish fish! 
and I love that we get to ride this adventure called life together! 
Thank you for being my valentine
I love you! 


  1. Such cute pics! And man, you really got him with that cake! :)


  2. That was beautiful and every word of it true! I want a valentine like Brandon! And mostly I am so grateful for the LOVE you share, it makes me happy.

  3. Aw such sweet pictures and post! Happy late Valentine's Day!


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