February 17, 2016

happy 11 months andrew!

happy 11 months my little boy! 
HOW HOW HOW is he 11 months? one more month till my baby is one. wah!!! 
he brings so much joy and happiness to our lives and i'm just so happy he's mine! 
the older he's getting he is coming into a little boy and its just so fun to watch him. i love you baby!
*little andrew within the last month* 
{some of these might be a repeat but its what he's been doing the last month!}
-yells all the time. i think he likes the sound of his voice! ha
-loves to stand on anything and can stand on his own for a few seconds
-loves to play basketball 
-loves tractors, cars, balls, being outside oh and dogs. (typical boy!)
-thinks sweeping is the funniest thing 
-sleeps through the night.. most of the time and if not wakes up to see if 
i'm there and will go back to sleep. (mama's boy!)
-this last month got suuuuper attached to daddy
-he's such a cheeser. squints his eyes and he knows he's funny!
-talks on the phone
-climbs up the stairs
-loves when brandon plays the guitar 
-loves the bathroom, fridge and pantry 
-wearing 9 month clothing and 12 months 
-wearing size 3 diapers 
-takes 2 naps 
-still has 8 teeth 
-pooped in the shower for the first time! ha! 
-loves getting into drawers or the laundry basket and pulling things out 
-brushed his teeth for the first time 
-if we talk sternly to him or tell him no he will yell back at us
-throws his food on the ground and spits it out if he doesn't want it 
-started to stick his tongue out 
-cross his legs if he's sitting on the ground
-has learned to do "all done" 
-is such a talker. he talks all the time. wonder where he got that from. ha! 
love you so much my little boy! 
last month update found HERE 

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