November 2, 2015

happy 29th birthday husband!

29 years old today! 
i'm thankful for my husband. i really lucked out in getting the best husband. 
here are 29 reasons why I LOVE YOU SO DARN MUCH! 

1. I love that you love andrew so much. 
2. I love that you love to go camping 
3. I love that we make a good team. (good cop, bad cop!)
4. I love that you let me talk to you about taylor swift, snow cones, treats and photos and things over and over again and you don't stay stop! ha 
5. I love that you love celebrating holidays and events with me 
6. I love that you love having andrew with us all the time 
7. I love that you see when I need help or others you act and help before asked 
8. I love that you sing taylor swift with me 
9. I love how you let me be a stay home mom
10. I love your testimony
11. I love how you're the best shopping partner
12. I love how you're always making sure andrew and I are taken care of and our needs are met 
13. I love that you like to cook  
14. I love how playful you're with andrew, best dad! 
15. I love that when you're so tired you'll wake up in the night to change andrew's diaper just so you can see him that day
16. I love that you let me sleep sometimes 
17. I love your kisses. ha
18. I love that you're a worthy priesthood holder
19. I love how hard you work 
20. I love that you get stuff done and don't put it off 
21. I love how you like watching movies with me (newgirl again? ha)
22. I love how handsome and funny you are. 
23. I love how you act with andrew. he's your best buddy and i love the relationship you two have. 
24. I love that you give me surprises after all this time 
25. I love that family time is important to you
26. I love how we think and talk the same. (why would they cut that tree down?! ha)
27. I LOVE that you're my best friend and that you care to see me and miss me when we don't see each other. 
28. I love how you can make me smile 
29. I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE ME and let me be me and you love who i am in the inside and out. i'm very thankful for that. 
andrew and i are so lucky to have you babe. 
thank you for everything and have a HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY!!!! 

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