November 10, 2015

brandon's 29th birthday!!!

hubby turned 29!!!! 
we celebrated for a couple days and it was lovely! 
sunday the day before his birthday we celebrated by going to his mama's and having one of brandon's favorite dinner meals... ribs! they were sooo good and had birthday dessert! 
later in the evening my family came over and had cake and ice cream to celebrate his birthday! 
he is so loved by each family! 
monday was his real birthday and originally we weren't going to see him at all on his birthday since he had work and had to go straight to school but he was lucky enough to get the morning off on his birthday. he slept in and then woke up opened a few presents 
then i cooked him his favorite breakfast.. biscuits and gravy. 
andrew then went down for a nap and all brandon wanted to do was to relax. 
so brandon and i watched a movie! after that the fun had to end and he went to work and school. 
on tuesday we went to tepanyaki. that place is amazing. andrew came with us. where we go, he goes. 
we didn't know how he would act there and he was totally amazed the whole time. we sat by 2 older couples who looked the age of grandparents and instead of everyone watching the chef cook, everyone was watching andrew. the older couples kept saying "look andrew... watch andrew!" it was so sweet and the chef even cooked andrew his own bowl of rice! ha ha 
 all brandon wanted for his birthday was a new phone so he got that and he was a happy boy. 
brandon i hope you had the best birthday and can't believe next year you're 30!!! 
so old... haha love you. 
some photos from the week celebration! 
^^brandon's sunday birthday dinner. (andrew you're so darn cute!)^^

^^birthday cake with one candle ha!^^
^^birthday morning. so happy he got to have a birthday morning with us!^^
^^helping dad open presents.^^
^^andrew gave daddy this present... a little bronco football!^^
^^his new phone case he's been so excited about!^^
^^a lovely cell phone picture of us at dinner... look at andrew's face. he was so amazed. 
stay little forever please!^^
and who knew throwing a baby into balloons was the best thing ever? andrew loved it. ha ha
pretty sure we could have done that for two hours and he wouldn't mind. 
happy birthday babe hope you had a great one! 
HERE you can read 29 reasons why i love him so darn much! 


  1. happy birthday brandon! looks like you all had a wonderful day. andrew is getting SO BIG! and i see that pioneer woman vase on your shelf! too cute! i wanted to clean off the shelves the last time i was at walmart!

  2. how fun.. ps your shelf in the kitchen with the hello autumn.. umm soo cute!!!


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