November 19, 2015

leaves and leaves and more leaves!

last weekend we raked up all our leaves and my goodness we had SO many. 
it was a fun little family activity and it was a nice lovely sunny day and i don't think we're going to get many of those soon... gotta get all the vitamin d we can! ha 
brandon was raking and he got stung by a wasp. poor hubby. 
andrew was all about the leaves... he even thought they tasted good. ;)
and ps. i was the one who started raking up the leaves and started the pile but no picture to prove it. 
ha in other words i did help and i didn't just stand there taking pictures. ha! 
^^the moment he got stung by the wasp. ouch!^^
^^such a smiley baby and i mean those blue eyes!^^
^^what a little turkey... was smiling for me then turned into a total cheesier. i could eat him.^^
i spy a little baby in the leaves! 
happy few days of fall left!

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