November 9, 2015

weekend shindigs and random thoughts

another weekend has come and gone. 
booooooo. weekends are my favorite. 
this weekend hubby spent 95% of the time working on the bathroom downstairs. (we're putting in a bathroom with a shower and a finished washroom and all the works.)
 you have no idea how happy i'am about this! i get to decorated my own little washroom. yeppie!
this weekend i also got to try "waffle love" for the first time. 
andrews not to sure about it (hence his face in the picture ha!) 
annnnnnnnd i'm not to sure how i felt about it. 
i'm glad i tried it because i have always wanted too but really $7 dollars for one waffle? insane. 
ha ha probably never do that again. 
andrew is scooting like a crazy fool. one second he's there and next he's clear over there. 
i'm worried about my christmas tree and my book shelves. i like my stuff neat and not touched. 
 ha ha send help! 
andrew's birthday presents are taken care of already... couldn't pass up on the deals.
 (spoiled little fella) ha ha and his christmas presents are almost done. i can't even began to say how happy i am for christmas. i will be honest all the christmas parties and making sure none fall on the same date at the same time kinda stresses me out. ha sometimes i wanna hide from it. ha! but most important to me this season is spend lots and lots of time as us 3 as a little family celebrating. i know andrew won't remember anything but it's important to me and i'll remember it. 
annnnnnnnd my cousin had her baby. can't wait to hold a tiny newborn and then hold andrew and feel sad that my baby is growing up. ha seriously how do you mama's deal with it? it just hurts my heart. 
anyways this blog post was lame. so sorry if you wasted your time reading this. 
but also thank you for reading this. 
happy week to ya'll! 

my mother opened an etsy account. {sewshelliesews}
check it out and go get your christmas decorations or christmas gifts or baby shower gifts.
won't be disappointed! 


  1. A waffle sounds so good, but yeah $7 hurts. I usual dread all of the holiday stress but having a baby this year makes me excited. Your mom has some cute stuff in her shop, thanks for sharing.

    1. i could made a whole party a bunch of waffles for $7! ha ha
      thank you... i want everything. such fun holiday stuff!
      and congrats to having a baby!

  2. A 7 dollar waffle is crazy ridiculous! What are you getting Andrew for Christmas? I just don't know what to get my son who turns one just before Christmas..

    1. right? ha not sure why i did it but i did! ha ha never again though!
      i'm getting him fisher price little people!
      if you look on pinterest or google what toys are best for babies at that age there is tons of ideas!!!


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