November 4, 2015

halloween with a little fox!

halloween was lots more fun with a little one this year. 
little andrew was a fox! he was originally going to be a lion but before i bought it i saw the fox costume and i couldn't resist! he was so darn cute in it and he didn't even mind the costume. (win!)
this year we spent most of the whole day laying tile in the new bathroom downstairs. 
my brother came down and him and brandon worked hard all day and andrew had cousin time with karter! they were stinking cute together. 
later that day we got dressed and went to my mama's ward party with the siblings. 
it was a good halloween! 
^^next year i want to put more effort into hubby's and mine costume but this year we were hunters.
gotta hunt down that cute little fox!^^ 
^^Frankenstein cupcakes! so cute!^^
^^pretty sure this is the best cousin photo we've ever gotten!^^
^^half of my siblings. crazy bunch!^^
^^all ready to go trick or treating and yes he did go... had to get his parents candy. ha!^^
^^went and seen andrew's other cousins. :)^^
hope your halloween was wonderful and you still have tons have candy to eat! 
now bring on christmas... oops thanksgiving! ha ;)

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