October 30, 2015

halloween festivities!

hello hello! 
holiday season is here and i'm suuuuuper happy about it. 
you should ask brandon how much i already talk about christmas. (too much!) 
i'm just a little excited for halloween which is tomorrow and thanksgiving and of course christmas! 
we have done some pretty fun halloween festivities lately and here are some photos below! 
^^hooper does a halloween haunt and we've been going since we started dating and this year when we went it was PACKED. it has never had that many people. guess they did more advertising. 
both brandon and i said we can't wait to bring andrew when he actually knows whats going on!^^
^^guys my husband is the sweetest.... he really is. ha^^
^^mama ghost... baby ghost.^^
 ^^i made these yummy pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and it was so good!^^
^^carving pumpkins!^^
 ^^little mason picking out which design he wants. ha!^^
^^helping uncle brandon carve out his pumpkin!^^
^^he say's it's his last but we will see about that... my dad's pumpkin with the grandkids name. 
he's so good at it! thanks grandpa!^^
 ^^little andrew napped while we were carving so that was super nice!^^
brandon carved andrew a little pumpkin with the avengers "A" for andrew. turned out so cool!
husband's pumpkin is on the left mine is on the right. ha yes his is better.
one day i''ll do better. ha
happy halloween everyone! 

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