November 17, 2014

bear lake 14'

about a month ago we went on a family trip to bear lake. 
we went with my side and all my siblings were able to go. i've noticed as we all get older time all together is so special. jobs, other family, school and much more take so much of everyone's time so the fact everyone could have that weekend off was a major bonus! 
we rented a cabin and just enjoyed the last bits of fall. we had good food, movie time, board games, trip to the lake and of course shakes oh and baby time. it was a good weekend. 
^^totally lovin brandon!^^
^^brandon is such a good uncle. i can't wait to see him as a dad!^^
^^guys i can't even begin to say how excited i am to watch these two boys and my baby boy play together! my auntie heart and mama heart might explode when that day comes.^^
^^at the cabin they had a big tub and Amelia and i were in heaven!^^
^^my brothers are craaazzzy.^^
^^i was totally shocked by that little girl the water was so cold and it didn't even phase her. she just wanted to be with the uncles.^^
^^this was when i was 18 weeks pregnant!^^
^^i'm going to print this out and put it on my fridge. i love it!^^
my world. thanks for a fun weekend family and thanks dad for planning it! 


  1. ohmygosh amelia's over the shoulder squished face. i can't handle! so cute! congrats on your pregnancy..can't wait to see that bump grow!

    1. right? she kills me. thank you its slowly growing + so werid that i even have a bump!


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