June 5, 2015

celebrating our anniversary!

on sunday was our 2 year anniversary! 
we decided to keep it low key and grill and have some cheesecake and
 play with our most favorite baby boy. 
it was a lovely sunny day and we enjoyed being outside together! 
and that photo above... my boys. love them so much. 
^^i call this andrews barf face. hahahah^^
^^i don't drink carbonated drinks so when we buy this we open it and leave it in the fridge open for a few days so it dies down a little so i can sip on some and doesn't burn my throat!^^ 
^^cheesecake which was heavenly.^^
^^hahahaha no words^^
^^this would be little andrew talking. he does the funniest faces when he's trying to talk! ha ha^^
^^andrew derek grange i love you so darn much it almost hurts!^^
^^andrew sat and watched us eat dinner. ha ha^^
^^no more pictures mom! hahahaha^^
it was a lovely day. this was before church even though andrew and i only lasted there for about 25 minutes ha! such a happy anniversary indeed. love my hubby very much and grateful i married him.
last year's celebration HERE


  1. Happy Anniversary! Look at his hairrrr! Love it!

    1. thank you so much! he has so much of it i almost don't know what to do with it! haha


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