June 8, 2015

luke's eagle!

my brother luke got his eagle! 
technically he finished the whole project a year ago but finally had his eagle court of honor thing. good job luke! and thank you mother and debbie for letting me steal your pictures off your camera. 
photos from the lovely night below! 
^^my little blue eyed baby.^^
^^he loves you katie!^^
^^mason looooooooves andrew. he always wants to hug and kiss him. its very cute.^^
^^chattin it up!^^
^^talking to daddy. he loves him so.^^
^^this would be andrew's only great great grandma. she's 94!^^
^^sweetest little cousins. karter good job on smiling so darn cute! ha ha^^
^^i had to post this just because of little andrews face! hahahahha he's so expressive!^^
^^the five generation photo! i was so happy to take this photo and its very neat and special to me!^^
good job luke we're all so proud of you! 

1 comment:

  1. He is seriously the cutest! Wish we could be there for the blessing today, thinking about your cute family!


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