June 3, 2015

a day at station park!

on saturday we went to station park! 
i love that place. the atmosphere there is so fun and i love that its outside. all the flowers and everything was so pretty. it was a really good sunny day! 
brandon went to get his phone fixed at apple but found out it would take 4 hours so we bagged that and decided to shop a little and go to lunch! here are some photos of the day! 
^^little andrew decided to have a blowout which he hardly ever does. had to get the babes naked. 
such a little turkey.^^ 
^^my blue eyed sweetheart.^^
^^ran into my best friend since forever. she is going to have a cute baby boy soon!^^
^^this store... man if i had money to blow i'd spend it here.^^
^^i mean all this candy... talk about heaven!^^
^^nothing sexier than a hottie pushing a stroller.^^
^^lunch was fabulous. little andrew slept in the stroller for most of it so brandon and I had an enjoyable lunch together^^
^^i can't even began to say how good the food is here at this restaurant.^^
^^strawberry lemonade!^^
^^this pizza was AMAZING. brandon and i have already talked about going to get it again. 
 ha ha it was that goooood.^^
^^woke up and decided to join us!^^
^^GUYS those cheeks. i can't even tell you how many times a day i kiss them!^^
annnnnd i call this look the "what, you looking at me?" such a cute little 10 week old.
his expressions kill me. but really andrew you're to cute for your own darn good! 

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