June 17, 2015

happy three months andrew!

happy 3 months baby boy! 
3 months ago the best day of my life (besides when i got married happened!) 
andrew you're the light of your mommy and daddy's life. 
we adore you so so much. 
*little andrew within the last month*
-knows who his daddy is. (those two together melt my heart!) 
-when waking up from naps he is so smiley 
-loves bath time with his mama 
-knows how to fake cry and cough 
-always rolls to his left side
-loves singing with mama 
-loves standing up
-favorite songs are popcorn popping and barneys i love you
-loves sucking his hands
-loves grabbing his toes
-makes bubbles with his mouth 
-wearing 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers 
-got 3 shots and one oral one 
-gets excited to eat 
-sleeps for a solid  4-5 hours at night 
-takes at least one 2-3 hour nap a day and the rest 45 min-1 hour ones 
-eating during the day every 2-3 hours and at night every 4-5 
-weighs 12.5 pounds
-height 25 inches and he was in the 96% percentile for height. such a tall baby! 
-and best part he's almost in need of a haircut. (which he won't be getting ha!)
happiest 3 months to you my little sweetheart! 
*last month update found HERE*

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