October 3, 2013

Best Friends Wedding

Whaooo. The best friend got married! Last weekend this girl got hitched. It was a very beautiful ceremony, and reception. Everything was decorated so cute. A day before the wedding sabrina texted me and asked if I would take some photos. I was a little scared not going to lie (since i'm NOT a photographer) but i'm really glad I had the chance to do this because I got to stay for everything. Which is really a completely win for me. (ding ding)

^^isn't he the cutest??^^
^^One time in junior high after cheer practice, I remember how us three were sitting on the grass watching the football players (of course) and they asked me who I liked...I remember telling them I wasn't going to tell because I wanted it a secret and after I said that I remember that both of them got mad that I wouldn't share who my crush was with them.... I believe I told them after so they would stop being mad at me. ha ha sooo many fun memories with these two girls. I sure do love them. 
^^my cute in laws^^
^^candy bars at weddings are my absolute favorite!^^
^^such a beauty she is^^
^^these girls make me happy. It makes me happy that after all this time and each of us going different ways that we still can be best friends. Its really comforting to know that if I needed them that they would be there. We have sooooo many memories together. We were inseparable. We knew each others secrets, loves, hates and wants. Like I said before they sure do make me happy. Love you ladies. 
^^this was Jackson's cake, isn't it the cutest?^^
Congrats best friend I'm so happy for you! Being married is the best thing in the world. Its such a blessing. Being married is the best thing that has ever happen to me, and i'm so thankful I have found my prince. I'm so HAPPY that you have found yours. I won't ever forget how many times we said..... "I wonder what my husband is doing right now".  I love you best friend! Thank you for being you, because you're really good at it. I'm so happy I got to share your special day with you and see you create all these wonderful memories. love you much. xoxo


  1. Oh what fun! Love her dress! :)
    xo TJ

  2. I LOVE pictures of sky... sometimes if the lighting is just right the blue pops!!! And I love your friends flowers! I've never seen 1 bouquet exactly alike!!! :)

  3. I LOVE her dress!! and I love your outfit!!! I actually have the same skirt!! :)


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