February 12, 2015

baby shower #1!

two weeks ago i had my very first baby shower! 
my goodness i was so excited! way more than i was for my bridal showers. their is something about getting things for your little one that is just so fun! my amazing sister in law threw one for me. 
she is phenomenal at throwing parties. seriously you'd think she made up pinterest. it was a wonderful time and thank you to everyone who came out to support baby grange and me! 
^^best little present helper!^^
^^so everyone guessed how long the string was that would fit around my tummy. lets just say most of them were way off! ha ha^^
^^mother in law on chocolate fountain duties!^^
^^my mother made this and my goodness i LOVE it. i had no idea she was making this and its my favorite. i look at it everyday! thanks mama!^^
^^oh my heart!^^
^^my sister in law jyl made this blanket for me. its so soft. baby will love it!!!^^
^^the best party thrower!^^
^^thank you granges for the beautiful quilt!^^
^^brandon came towards the end to have a snack and get the presents and she was so happy to see him. stuff like that makes my heart happy.^^
thank you again for everyone who came. it was such a fun shower. 
baby grange is one spoiled little man! 
and ps. thank you again amber for going all out. it was perfect! 

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