January 20, 2015

baby updates!

over here at the granges house its all about baby! 
we are preparing for this little guy like crazy. 
1. we went and picked out a paint color for his room. a light gray we love it! 
2. we love to feel his little movements and kicks together. he likes his daddys voice. 
3. we got the crib and set it up! it was so fun.. more pictures to come on that project. 
4. my mother gave us a rocking chair and she spent many hours recovering the cushions and brandon spent many hours taking it apart and repainting it. its perfect. 
5. 30 week check up! everything is going well! 
6. we got all the crib stuff. my mom did such a good job. i love love love it! 
7. 30 weeks and 6 days in that photo. i love to hang out in the babys room. 
8. brandon found all his old legos and he set them up in the corner of the dresser and his little jordan shoes. it was very cute. he's so excited to be a dad! 
9. 31 weeks and growing like a weed! 

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