February 9, 2015

34 weeks!

34 weeks and 4 days! 
my goodness i can't believe i'm almost to the finish line. 
slightly freaking out and slightly so excited i can't even stand it. 
i'm at that point where i often find myself day dreaming about how life will be with a little one. 
i'm so excited to be a mom and to watch and see brandon become a dad. 
we talk about it all the time. this time right now we will be giving him a bath or i bet we just watch him on a blanket on the floor or he's going to love going to grandmas house and being on the farm. 
i hope and pray i will be a good mother to my little one. i hope i can be the example he needs throughout his life and not just a mother but also a friend to him. because i'm pretty sure he's going to be my best little sidekick and i'm not ever going to want to let him go. #obsessedmom  
baby i can't wait to see what you will look like. if you have my ears or your dad's lips if you have dark hair or no hair. either way you'll be the cutest little thing and i'll probably kiss you 27364 times. 
mama can't wait to meet you in just a few short couple weeks. 
cheers to the end! 

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