July 17, 2014

happy life

yesterday we got to go to the temple for a wedding ceremony. it was a wonderful time. i think one of my favorite things about temples is how much effort they put into landscape and making it so beyond beautiful there. they never give second best. last time we went to logan was for brandon brothers wedding and if you click HERE you can see what the temple grounds looked like in april and the picture below this is what they look like in july. stunning right? see what i mean! 
i wish i had them do my yard. 
i feel so blessed to be able to go to the temple and life lately has just been 
filled with blessings my heart might burst. 
i love this gospel and i love my hubby and i'm really thankful for blessings and of course ice cream. 
^^that's the difference. april vs july. seriously stunning.^^
love him so! 
PS! happy birthday little blog the other day marks one year since i started this blog 
and i'm so happy i did! 


  1. OBSESSED with that last picture of you two!

  2. lovely :) you are making me miss the warm weather so much!!

  3. So i just tried to write a comment and I don't know if it worked or not but.. I love you! and you two look so cute! I hope I get to see you guys soon!


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