August 23, 2013

Picnic in the Park

  Every year before school starts my mom + siblings go to Layton Hill's Park. We've been doing that for +20 years or so. We pack up all the picnic supplies and head over there, this park was my 
favorite as a child. The playground was so huuuuge, and the best part is that there is a river with 
ducks, so you could feed them. It was always more exciting at this park, then any other.
 (i'm guessing because of the ducks). 
This year we couldn't do it the day right before school starts since half the kids are out of school, 
and have jobs so last Sunday we all got together and went. I'm so happy that as we grow older we 
still do the little kid traditions that we use to do. 
oooohh. p.s. ^^that's husband and I messing around on the playground^^

^^Being an auntie is so fun sometimes^^ 

                                  ^^homemade chocolate covered strawberries I did myself^^

                                     ^^I'm going to miss wearing sandals and skirts, i love them^^

    that would be my brother who doesn't follow the rules, and literally took the duck right from
     the fence!! Leave it to him to do something crazy, we were all just watching and waiting for the        duck to bite him. ha ha poor duck, it was so scared, leave it to my family to do something crazy.

                       Attempting to take a half way decent photo, thanks again Layton for the fun time!

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