August 27, 2013

Mama's Garden and Salsa Making

This weekend we got to make my mama's salsa with her, plus keep some which is always a 
bonus. I have always known salsa took a lot of work, but not this much work. holy cow. It took 
two whole days, but its completely worth it. Beats the store bought stuff any day. My mama has always had the best garden, but i'm finally realizing how neat it is. (marriage eyes does something to ya), its so big and has so many choices of food. Brandon and I decided if we're ever stranded that's where we will be going. anyways, 
This picture does not show the other 4726394 other tomatoes we picked. Our hands were green. 
Here are some other photos of the garden. (I'm super jealous of it, I will have a garden someday)
^^that has 2 more months to grow and its already so huuuuge^^
^^husking corn for the cows^^
^^check out that tomato, it was bigger than my hand^^
^^husband did an excellent job stirring that for 2 hours^^
Those are tomatoes canned for spaghetti sauce, taco soup, and whatever else you can think of. 
I had fun canning salsa with mama and learning how to do it. Maybe, (maybe) one day I'll can all by myself....well with husbands help of course. I'm glad people still can now days, and not just go to the store and buy it. I'm thankful I have such a talented mama, and a helping husband. 
see you next year tomatoes! 

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