August 6, 2013

Bits of the Weekend

This weekend was filled with hauling straw (tons of it). I'll be honest.... I really didn't work, but I had a great excuse. I didn't wear jeans and my legs were getting all cut up. Which they still are. Poor boys were doing that for almost 3 hours. We FINALLY had dinner that night at midnight. 
                                 ^^this picture doesn't do it justice how many straw bails they did^^
     ^^All the guys thought they would do a little contest to see who could throw the bail up to the top of the haystack, boys and their competitions^^
^^breakfast of champions, we say this has been our official breakfast since being married^^
^^Our cute backyard, it makes me happy^^
          ^^raspberry lemonade, sooooo good^^
I know this weekend was mostly food pictures, but its pretty awesome we actually cooked that much. We never do. I love cooking with that husband of mine.

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