August 15, 2013

My Two Homes

   These are flowers from my parent's house. Seriously, so many and so pretty. I'm very jealous. I hope one day my yard will at least be somewhat like my mothers. Yesterday was a really good day, 
I got to go spend a few hours at the parent's house. Ever since moving away I've realized how 
special that house is to me, and how lucky I was to live there. Growing up I sometimes would wish 
for a bigger house, sometimes one with a pool. But growing up I've realized my parent's house
literally has everything. The BEST backyard in the world, it has so much room to run and play, the forest on the side of our house that we would play numerous hours in, and best part I think the neighbors aren't close by. 
Being married has been the best thing in the world, I love it. I love becoming my own person, making my own time schedule, my own meals, doing what we want when we want it. It truly is the best. 
But I've been realizing that whenever I go back to the parent's house it almost hurts. When i'm leaving there its like i'm leaving home, and coming home. I know its only been 2 and half months, but the sting is still there. Sadly, its not even missing my family, its more missing my home. Hooper will always be my first love. Everything is different there, the smell, the people, everything. I hope and pray that when I have little ones that they will have the lifestyle I did growing up. 
Hooper I love you, and you'll always be my home.
 and for my new home, I sure do love you too. 

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