July 22, 2015

summer time!

summer is in full swing around here. 
lots of flowers, garden, snowcones, ice cream and of course little andrew! 
guys he's so cool. i can't handle it. 
daddy gets a break from school for the rest of summer and my goodness
 we are going to soak it all up. I CAN'T WAIT. 
here are a few little random photos of summer so far! 
our little garden is doing quite well. i love having my own garden its like my own grocery store!
^^went to cherry berry with some ladies from my ward and it was such a treat!^^
^^hahahah this is for my own memory to show how many times we gotta take a picture of this kid to get a decent one. ooooohhh the one in the top right. ah!^^
^^doughnuts with family is never ever a bad thing!^^
^^homemade cookies and cream ice cream recipe found here^^
^^cute little snowcone shake opened up by us so we had to stop and taste it out!^^
^^fingers are always in his mouth... or his foot! ha^^
^^homemade pizza night. we be all about pizza.^^
^^at andrew's 4 month apt. i had to take a pic.. i mean look at that wall!^^
^^at my mama's one night we made this amazing smore dip. my lanta it was good and rich!^^
^^we bought a new car! we love love love it and so does andrew.. he told me!^^
^^swim parrrrtttttiieess!^^
^^shot a gun for the first time. and yes it may be a BB gun but it still is a gun hence the word gun in it's name. my little brother lane taught me how. i was aiming at a water bottle and totally missed^^
^^my mom had the prettiest flowers and yard. one day i will be like her in that department!^^
^^sweet bathtime with andrew!^^
^^blue eyed twins!^^
^^my heaven.^^
^^like i said... too cool.^^
^^yes i make us match!^^
^^baby in a swimming suit... nothing cuter!^^
^^i love my family. its so crazy to say i have my own little family. but i do love it.
 can't imagine when we will have more babies and be a even bigger family!^^
annnnnnd little boy in a little mint outfit that just had to be documented. 
gal i love him and summer. here is to more adventures to come!

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  1. Love your blog,what a cutie you have. You garden is amazing too. I am proud of you. Love you your aunt Lori


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