July 14, 2015

fourth of july!

fourth of july this year was a good one! 
it was little andrew's first fourth. he got a new outfit. (its a must for every holiday! ha) and celebrated all day long. we drove up to idaho and floated a canal with cousins and had a bbq and took one heck of a lovely nap then headed to idaho falls to watch some fireworks!
 it was a great day indeed.
photos from the day below and a little video clip of andrew watching his first fireworks! 
^^last year we floated this canal but this year we also got to swing into the water!^^
^^it was surprisingly hard to grab that thing and hold on. thanks for the help little b!^^
^^had to swing quite some distance into the water!^^
^^awesome hubby saving me. ha ha!^^
^^we don't need a fancy pool to have fun just give us a canal or a river!^^
^^only luke would ride down the canal like he's on a bull!^^
^^sooooo cold!^^
^^last year we went and got a snowcone from this little shack and my goodness still the best one ever. move to utah! got the same flavor and everything.^^
^^baby's fourth of july outfit. ps. grass is way cooler to look at than his mama.^^
^^hahahahha i don't know what he's doing but he's pretty darn cute.^^
^^brandon snapped this picture while watching the fireworks. andrew was totally amazed. i didn't know if he would sleep or cry through them and he was great! little mister stayed up waaay past his bedtime but i'd say it was worth it to watch him watch those. being a parent is so fun!^^
it was a great day! 
i love the 4th and the freedom we have!!
annnnnnnd of course andrew. 
and you too hubby. ;)


  1. What a fun, family filled day! Those tubes look awesome and the river looks like it was a lot of fun.

    I got the shirt Andrew has on as a tank top and I wore it on the 4th and matched my niece who was visiting. My nephew & sister had the navy matching ones. Old Navy always has such great holiday shirts.

    Amy @ http://befilledwithj0y.blogspot.com/

  2. Andrew is so adorable! And snow cones are a must on the 4th.


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