July 3, 2014


this morning i went water skiing with my sister and brother and little niece! my sister and brother in law ski professionally and they're insanely good. i on the other hand probably go water skiing once a year if i'm lucky. ha ha this morning when it was my turn to go i only went down one time and i had muscles already aching. seriously water skiing is some serious work out! oh and guess what. my little niece who isn't even 2 1/2 yet can water ski! shes aaaaammmaazing. i have one little picture down below of her water skiing. it was the cutest thing. she would wave and do a thumbs up. she's already a pro in my book. and that picture below of her is her waving to me when i was water skiing. her and i are the best of friends. thanks for a great time sis and bro! 
^^seriously freaking out. and for your enjoyment a video of me skiing and somewhat falling at the end. guess i leaned back to far and yes i'm screaming in the video..."kevin you're going to fast! ha ha^^
^^i do realize that this video is small and takes awhile to upload so you can watch it HERE

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