July 10, 2014

floating down a canal!

while we were up in idaho for the 4th weekend we went and floated a canal! it was soooo fun and freezing. the water was super fast and the rapids were insane. this is why i love summer. you can do insanely fun things like this. we floated down it in life jackets and tubes. 
it was such a good time. summer i love you. 
^^the rapids don't look that crazy in these pictures but they were!^^
^^ please don't judge. i'm not good at rope swinging ha ha^^
^^face planted it!^^
^^please notice everyone's face laughing at me in this photo.^^
^^he is my favorite person in this whole wide world!^^
that really was the greatest time. 


  1. That looks so fun! Where in Idaho is the canal? I live in Idaho and we are looking for fun/outdoors things to do for next month!

    1. i believe its in firth? i don't live in idaho so im not postive. i just was riding along in the car. ha ha sorry i'm no help :(


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