July 14, 2014

farmers market!

over the weekend we went to the famers market! 
it was super fun and super hot. it was our first time going and it was a treat. we went early saturday and it still was packed and already blazing. i love when there is little fun things like this to do around where we live. makes my happy. we walked around and got a few things and tasted a bunch of yummy samples!
^^i spy a hottie and a bubble!^^
^^one of the things we got was these authentic dressings called roglianos. we sampled each of them and they were a-mazing! seriously can't wait to cook something with them.^^ 
^^brandon getting sucked into looking at a truck.^^
^^if anyone knows me i'm such a sucker for lemonade. so of course we had to get some.^^
^^it was sooooooooo good.^^
nothing better than some fresh berries. 
famers market you have my heart.
and so does that lemonade. 


  1. I keep wanting to go to a farmer's market but our Saturdays have been too busy (and will still be busy for the next 2 weeks or so) to go! But you've made me even more excited for when we finally make it! :)

  2. Okay, so apparently we live in the same city, yet I had no idea that there was a Farmer's Market here... How does that happen? Do they do it every Saturday?

    1. http://ogdenfarmersmarket.com/ if you go to this website it has all the information and time with them! (:

  3. I want one of these so bad!!! That fruit is killing me!!


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