June 27, 2014

"your person"

two days ago hubby and i were on are way to costco. it was like any other time going into town. radio on, talking, sun glass wearing and going over the grocery list. 
brandon kept mentioning the whole time that he had a headache before. 
so picture this. 
driving and brandon for the 5000 time goes : i have such a headache. 
jennie: why don't you drink some of this water that will help
brandon: i don't want to drink any water
jennie: whatever then that would help your headache. 
brandon goes: yeah isn't in frustrating when "your person" doesn't want to drink any water
(i guess sometimes i have a hard time drinking the amount of water i should)
jennie: "your person ahhhh" 
||this might just seem like a silly story but in that moment it was the cutest.|| 
i'm someones person
i've never heard of it being said that way.. mostly just wife, best friend, person i'm married to. 
but he called me his person. 
and let me just say i love it. 

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  1. This photo is stunning--looks like Southern Utah, maybe?


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