May 9, 2014

sam + tyler's wedding!

tyler and sams wedding day was perfect and i couldn't be more happy for them! 
the special day was April 25 and it was wonderful. 
here is the photos from the wedding weekend! started up in logan and also boise! 
it was a fun and very busy weekend! 
ps. check out that picture of the temple!! STUNNING. 
^^oh yeppie day! i cut my hair! i was such a brave girl and let me just say i LOVE it.^^
^^whoever does the landscape i want them to do my yard!^^
^^whaoooo to the bride and groom!^^
^^look at her dress!! so so pretty!^^
^^she melts my heart! look at that smile! eeeek!^^
^^love these ladies!^^
^^love this lady lots! i'm beyond lucky to have her in my life!^^
^^i feel like one day clear in the future we will look at those photos and be like "we look so young here" and for that reason that makes my heart happy... like really happy.^^
^^hahahha love them all! welcome to the fam sam!^^
^^love my sister in laws!^^
^^i wanted to steal this bike!^^
^^love the grange side!^^
^^sometimes when you get a new hairdo its totally okay to take 239357 photos of it.^^
^^husband i know i tell you this a lot but i sure do love you lots!^^
^^so so pretty! this is where the reception and luncheon was at!^^
^^the walk into the building their is a little farm with baby animals! we went and saw them and let me just say baby goats are so cute! funny story: not really that funny but i don't want to forget it. a peacock was walking around the corner and brandon yelled look a flamingo! hahahahhaha^^
^^this picture looks like i was feeding him my flowers but i promise i wasn't! ha ha 
just wanted an up close picture of his face!^^
^^it started raining that evening and this is what we did to the car before it got rained off!^^
the wedding day was perfect and so fun! logan temple you're such a stunner!
the next day we went to boise because miss sam is from there and had a fun little day 
in boise and celebrated even more that night! 
^^boise temple is so pretty!^^
^^they did such a beautiful job!^^
^^look at that cake! it was sooo COOOL!^^
^^pointless but i picked the biggest strawberry ever at the reception!
 i mean look at that almost the size of my hand!^^ 
^^such a fun night and everything turned out perfect for the perfect couple!^^
^^in boise we stayed in most prettiest hotel ever! this was our view!^^
^^on the drive back home we decided to stop and see the shoshone falls!
^^talk about pretty!^^
thanks for a fun weekend logan and boise!
and to sam and tyler we wish you the most happiness in the world! xoxo

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